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Education and Products

Here you will find information regarding all of my favorite products and education!

I am a licensed Nail Technician through the Gallery College of Beauty, now called Elevate Salon Institute.

All extra certifications/courses I've taken are listed below:

(Not including every single nail art certification!)


Barbicide Certified

Barbicide Covid-19 Certified

Famous Names IBX

Famous Names IBX Boost

Akzentz Luxio Gel Polish

Akzentz Hard Gel 

Charisma Acrylic Sculpture

LCN Barefoot

LCN High Powered Pedicures

Kart Pedicure

E-File Manicure

Russian Manicure

CND Grand Artist

CND Master Sculptor

Watercolor Gel Painting

Watercolor Painting

Beginner 3D Flowers


Natural Nail Treatments

Manicures & Pedicures

Spa add-ons are a great way to nourish and maintain healthy hands, feet, and nails! They also just simply feel good and help the body to relax!


The various high quality products used during these services will leave your skin looking and feeling great as they work to improve skin issues and relieve sore muscles!


Products such as Famous Names Luxury Dadi System & LCN Pedicure System provide the best results you could ever ask for! Full of amazing, skin food ingredients that work to heal skin from the inside! 


Jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, vitamin E, fruit acid extracts, urea, lactic acid, d-panthenol, linoleic acid, allantoin, lemon, birch, and horse chestnut - are just a few of the beneficial, invigorating, skin cell repairing ingredients that are used in these products.

Famous Names Dadi' Oil

Dadi' Oil is one of the absolute best nail and cuticle oils available today! Certified 95% Organic, Dadi' Oil contains Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and 21 Essential Oils, that all provide essential fatty acids and vitamins for maximum nourishment! Dadi' Oil also helps with inflammation and neutralizing free radicals for healthy skin and nails. Since natural plant products are used to produce this product, Famous Names believes it is very important that no pesticides or fertilizers are used!

Famous Names Luxury Dadi Lotion and Scrub

Dadi Lotion and scrub are made with the highest quality oils and nutrients, including but not limited to; jojoba oil, avocado oil, olive oil, and vitamin E for some serious skin food! Famous Names products contain no parabens or sulfates. 

LCN Citrus

LCN's Citrus Pedicure series leaves feet and legs feeling refreshed and awake. Soothing oils, extracts, fruit acids, and salts leave skin moisturized with long lasting results!

LCN Red Wine Leaf

LCN's Red Wine Leaf Pedicure series gives feet and legs an invigorating lift! Stimulate circulation and relieve tired muscles with red wine leaf, horse chestnut, and birch. 

LCN Urea

LCN's Urea Pedicure series leaves skin hydrated and removes dry, dead skin for a healthy restart! Urea is quite an amazing compound that is found in every healthy cell in the body. It works to retain moisture to promote rehydration of skin and can increase water content to an unbelievable 97%! This pedicure is a great solution for clients struggling with excessively dry skin on the legs, feet, cuticles, and toenails. 

Natural Nail Overlays & Sculpted Enhancements

Akzentz Luxio

Luxio is a chip resistant nail color, with NO dry time! Reach into your bag, put your seat belt on, do anything you wish immediately after your service, because your nails WILL NOT SMUDGE! Akzentz products have amazing pigmentation, durability, they will not fade or discolor, will maintain a high gloss shine, and are odorless! 

***I no longer provide a simple gel polish manicure on natural nails. An overlay is required under the gel polish. The overlay is then filled, which prevents the need to soak off product each time. This helps keep natural nails in the best condition possible!

Akzentz Pro-Formance Hard Gel

Hard Gel is a great product for those who want the length of enhancements, but suffer from acrylic lifting. In most cases, the reason for extreme acrylic lifting is from nails being naturally flexible & thin. Hard Gel is a flexible but very durable nail enhancement designed to flex and move with the natural nail. This product can be overlayed or sculpted into any desired shape or length. Rebalancing/Fills are required for maintenance.

Après Gel-X Extensions

Après has created an amazing, easy way to apply perfect nail extensions. The Après Gel-X system features full cover tips that are secured to nails with a soak-able gel instead of glue. Imagine press on nails but way more durable and longer lasting! Gel-X extensions come in many shapes and lengths, but can be customized to your favorite style. This product is great for those who want instant length for events, but don't want to keep up with or maintain enhancements. However, it can also be filled with gel to maintain nails long term!

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