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Salon Services and Prices

Services and Pricing reflect education, product quality, cleanliness, and care taken to provide safe services!


All surfaces and tools are disinfected for each client!


Nail Designs By Maria is a safe and clean environment to receive nail care services. All metal, non-porous tools are properly sanitized with antibacterial soap and water, then disinfected by fully immersing in hospital grade disinfectant. Tools that can not be properly sanitized, disinfected, or sterilized are considered one-use items and are thrown away after every client. Be assured that all tools and items that come in contact with you will be properly cleaned or brand new. Chairs, table, sink, gel lamps, etc. are all sanitized after every client as well. Floors are cleaned every day. Pedicure chair features the Footsie Bath system which is completely pipe-less, and utilizes single-use disposable liners for perfectly clean pedicures!

Hand washing and sanitizing is the best way you can help provide a clean service and environment!



Pedicures are luxurious, relaxing, and very effective! Re-hydrate and polish the skin on toes, feet, and legs! 


All Pedicures are completed with your choice of long-lasting, chip resistant, high shine Vinylux nail lacquer. 


For the best results, Pedicures are recommended every 4-8 weeks.



A soothing and highly moisturizing Pedicure that consists of nail shaping, cuticle care, and callous smoothing, followed by an exfoliating scrub with slough, a hydrating heel masque, finished with a relaxing full foot & leg massage.

Spa Pedicure


Fully relax those dry, tired legs and feet with a SPA Pedicure! Service begins with nail shaping, cuticle care, and callous smoothing, followed by scrub & slough exfoliation with warm Pink Himalayan salt stones. Open pores and deeply hydrate with a silky brush-on masque treatment, and aromatic hot towel wrap, to prep for a soothing full foot & leg massage, finished with hot stones!

Add On Extra Callous Care with LCN Urea

This add-on is for extra dry skin and callouses. The LCN Urea product line is amazing for sloughing off excess dry, dead, chapped, cracked skin, and creates a start for healthy, hydrated, glowing skin! Urea is a natural substance inside our skin cells that is known for its moisture retaining properties. It is best to follow these products with at-home-care by using the LCN 40% Urea cream.



Extra Treatments

Luxurious, relaxing, and hydrating add-ons so you can still enjoy the spa benefits with ANY nail service!

Spa Treatments include exfoliation, slough, masque, hot towels, and a full relaxing massage!

Spa Treatment

Hands & Arms


Spa Treatment

Feet & Legs



Paraffin & Massage


Hands & Arms



Feet & Legs



Natural Nail Overlays

Overlays are extremely useful for providing extra strength to natural nails, helping them grow long, strong, and beautiful for a perfectly natural polished look every time! 

These products are not sculpted for length. They are a protective coating for natural nails and are finished with Gel Polish. During a fill/color change, the gel polish is filed back to the protective base layer instead of soaking off the entire nail coating each time. This provides perfect protection for natural nails!

For best long term results, it is recommended to rebalance overlays after 2-3 weeks.

Structured Gel Polish Manicure


NOTE: Builder gel is my specialty and I use this service/product for the majority of my clients! Fills are required for maintenance.


Builder gel is a thin, flexible, and durable nail overlay that is very natural looking. It is the perfect solution for all clients and any nail type. Say goodbye to soaking off nail coatings each time. This product is applied under gel polish and filled in each time. It does not support extra sculpted length, but instead allows for natural nails to grow out with it! 



Whether it's an overlay or sculpted set, these products will give you instant beautiful long and strong nails, in many shapes, from natural looking, to active, to long, to extremely extreme! 

Gel is a great product that works for all nail types. Due to its flexible nature, it works especially well for clients that struggle with weak, flexible nails or acrylic adhesion. 

NOTE: I do not use glued on tips, but instead customize sculpting forms for your personal nail needs. Pricing reflects my education, time, and skill to perform nails this way.

For best results, it is highly recommended to rebalance these products every 2-3 weeks for long term product quality.

Hard Gel-Sculpted


2-3 week fills required

Hard Gel-Fill


2-3 week rebalance/maintenance

Instant length for special events or clients that may not be interested in consistent nail maintenance.

Full cover nail tips are secured with gel (not glue). They will last anywhere from 2-6 weeks and should be removed after. However, they can also be filled with Builder Gel or Hard Gel for long term wear.


Après Gel-X Extensions


Extras & Add Ons

Nail Art

Price is determined by time and type of design. Art is very individual and unique. Designs can range from very simple, to elegant, to blingy, to extreme! I can do many styles including: hand painting, airbrushing, foils, stamping, marbling, ombre, crystals, 2D, 3D, watercolor, cat eye, glitters & pigments, nail dangles/jewelry, encapsulation, sugaring, chrome, one stroke, and much more!!

*For Weddings & Special Events it is recommended to send photos of garments and accessories. I can pre-make some design ideas if time allows.




French Mani Polish

Many different styles are possible. Straight, curved, rounded, chevron, extreme curve, diagonal, ombre, and more!


Cuticle Smoothing


Shape/Length Change


Specialty Length


Specialty Shapes

Almond, Coffin, Stiletto


Overlay/Enhancement Removals


Nail Repair


Nail Replacement


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